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16 Over 60 Awards Gala 2023

Wednesday, November 20, 2024 | Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park


About the 6th Annual
16 Over 60 Awards Gala


This year, the 16 Over 60 Awards recognized 16 Engaged & Inspiring individuals who are 60 years of age or more. Through their continuing achievements, passions, and impacts on those around them, these Honorees exemplify the vigor and purpose that may flourish with age and experience. The 16 Over 60 Awards Gala also provides much-needed support for Senior Neighbors programs serving seniors throughout Kent County.

Recognized in 2023

Standing, left to right:
Arlan Palmer, Patrick Coleman, Don Bultman, Darlene Larson, Doreen Mangrum, Carole Chisholm, Rick Roane, Don Kern, Delight Letser
Seated, left to right: Betty Webber, Cynthia Kay, Angelica Velazquez, Hon. Lupe Ramos-Montigny, Sandra Frost Steensma, Laura B. Moody  . Not pictured: James Smither

If you know someone who you’d like to see honored at a future event, please email Winsome Bricker at We’ll follow up when nominations open for next year’s awards.

View photos from the 2023 Gala: 


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Recognized in 2022

Standing, left to right:
Ed Riekena, Joy Spahn, Joe Zomerlei, Ronald Jimmerson, Dale Robertson, Rev. Charles Hudson III, Nancy Clouse, and Mick McGraw.
Seated, left to right: Thomas Weaver, Katherine Mullen, Ellen Bruinsma, Lisa McManus, Gertrude Croom, Earnestine Tolbert, and Chuck Burpee. Not pictured: Iris Boettcher

Recognized in 2021

Pictured: Reverend Bob Evans, Harold Mast, Dr. James Fahner, Dr. Ronald Grifka, Dr. Kevin Foley, Marlin Feyen, Oliver Hale, Alice Johnson, Pauline Meyer, Sister Rosita Schiller, Marilyn Booker, Deborah Clanton, and Lois Carey.

Not Pictured: Fred Bivins, Larry Byle, and Anthony Spallone.

Recognized in 2020:

Pictured Top Row: Tom Appel, Lucille Arndt, Syd Baxter, Sarah Brooks, Juanita Gaddis
Middle Row: Hattie Hayes, Bob Hengeveld, Ron Hofman, Shelley Irwin, Ruth Kelly, Katie Orent
Bottom Row: Teresa Toland, Jim Tuinstra, Christopher Wilson, Bruce Young, Raul Ysasi

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Recognized in 2019:

Pictured First Row, Left to Right: Mary Jane Dockeray, Mary Alice Williams, Marc DeRuiter, Julie Haveman, Cindy Ritter, Steve Maas, Suzan Couzens, Elaine Hillary
Second Row, Left to Right: Susan Zimmerman, Rodney Martin, Faye Richardson-Green, Sara Smolenski, Carl Ver Beek John Mulder, Doyle Hayes, Dave Kampfschulte

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Recognized in 2018:

First Row, Left to Right: Donna Sterling, Gwendolyn P. Nathan, Sr. Jarrett DeWyse, OP
Micki Benz, Marian Barrera-Young, JoAnn Abraham, Karen Weaver
Second Row, Left to Right: Priscilla Kimboko, Barbara Hohman, Larry Robson, Rev. Leonard McElveen,
Barry Van Dyck, Jack Greenfield, Robert Hill, Kate Dernocoeur, Robbie McCollum

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