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Trying to figure out your health and drug coverage options is confusing. At Senior Neighbors we’re here to help you navigate through Medicare and Medicaid. Our trained counselors can research, advocate and assist with enrollment into health and drug insurance.

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Medicare Part A

Insurance coverage for in-patient hospital and nursing home rehabilitation

Medicare Part B

Insurance coverage for office calls, emergency room visits, labs, tests, x-rays and ambulance services

Medicare Part D

Insurance coverage for prescription medications

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Additional Medicare insurance that helps pay copayments, coinsurance and deductibles

Medicare Advantage Plans

Additional Medicare insurance that includes health and drug coverage


Insurance for individuals with limited income and resources

Medicare Savings Plan

Benefit program which pays the Medicare Part B premium

Low Income Subsidy

Payment assistance for drug plan premiums, prescription deductibles and copayments

Additional Services

We can also provide information and referrals for VA benefits and prescription assistance programs

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