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Our animal companions play a huge role in our daily happiness and well being. They love without question and provide constant companionship to some seniors who might happen to live alone. Senior Neighbor’s Pet Assistance Program aims to assist seniors in the care of their cherished animals.


We Care


  • Assistance with veterinarian bills
  • Connections to find affordable veterinarian care
  • Help to provide animal care items, including food
  • Guidance for pet-related questions

Your animal’s welfare matters

If you are over 60 years of age and have an
animal companion, do not hesitate to reach
out to Senior Neighbors for assistance when
it comes to your pet.

The goal of the Pet Assistance program is to
help care for you and your pet. This could
include assistance with vet bills, finding an
affordable veterinarian, assistance with finding
pet food, and more.

To Learn More

Phone: (616) 233-0281 Email: intake@seniorneighbors.org 

*Note services offered are subject to funding availability and restrictions.