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No Longer Alone

With your support, Senior Neighbors senior centers will continue welcoming people like Donna during times of greatest need and brightest joy.


Isolation and loneliness can be devastating, especially for seniors. As friends and loved ones fade, social contact wanes, and the walls of life close in. Fortunately, after years of battling such deep depression, Donna found life-changing relief at the Sparta Senior Neighbors Center.

“I walked in the doors, and it was like a light lit up. These people brought my personality back. They quickly became my friends and shared their caring with me.”

Donna’s own struggles began when she lost her husband and a young girl under her care she had grown to love like a daughter. From that point forward, she found occasional moments of joy, but the weight of hopelessness always returned. Living alone battered her efforts to overcome her depression. Donna felt despondent and isolated, as if the world had turned away from her.

One dreary January day, Donna hit rock bottom. Opening her computer, she started searching for a way out by using medications in her cabinet. Then, fate intervened. By chance, a Senior Neighbors bus passed her window emblazoned with the words, No Longer Alone. This simple mantra stirred her heart, offering hope and the promise of a new way forward.

Changing her search to “Senior Neighbors,” Donna discovered a senior center was just around the corner! The next day, she walked into the Sparta Senior Neighbors Center and was greeted by warmth and smiling faces. She had found the light she craved and vowed to never go back to the darkness that almost took her just the day before. Today, Donna attends the center almost daily. She can’t imagine going without it or the enrichment and vital kinship it brings to her life.

Senior Centers provide local seniors with a vibrant community and connections to resources. With your support, these centers will continue welcoming seniors like Donna during times of greatest need and brightest joy.