franklin’s story


Consider these words from a senior recently caught in a daunting situation through no fault of his own…

“I’m fortunate to be here now. Without Senior Neighbors I wouldn’t be here. I would have been under a lease I couldn’t afford, or maybe even homeless.”

Spoken with true gratitude, these are the words of Franklin, a senior who recently moved to a safe, clean, affordable apartment in southeast Grand Rapids. Yet, without quick and efficient work by Senior Neighbors, the story could have ended in desperation for Franklin.

After living in his Wyoming apartment for 12 years, Franklin suddenly learned that new owners would be raising his rent by almost 60%! What had been $575 per month would go up to $895, plus the new added burden of paying his own utilities. Though Franklin had loved his home for more than a decade, he could no longer afford to stay.

 With only two months to find a new, affordable home, he needed help fast. Thankfully, facing the enormity of the moment, his first thought was to call Senior Neighbors. A Case Manager, Marcia, tackled the problem head-on with extensive knowledge of local senior housing opportunities and experience in their complicated application processes. In just a matter of days, Franklin had a new home lined up, a perfect one-bedroom apartment!

Gifts to Senior Neighbors help ensure Case Managers are always there, ready with a hand for local seniors in need. When daunting situations arise, your support will provide lasting solutions.